Wall Street Dad Bi Racial Child Broken Promises

Written by:  Austin Rutherford Colby

According to the Attorney General National Statistics, American has a devastating Child Support Deficit that has reached into the hundreds of Billions of dollars. These statistics characterize why so many American children go to bed hungry and homeless in a society that boosts to be a World Supper power. Against Stereotypes, too many absentee parents are from middle, upper middle and the top 5% classes of our society. How do they get away with it? Madison Avenue Attorneys who make their living out of keeping Celebrities, Athletes and Trust Fund Heirs out of trouble brought on by entitlement.


My Name is Austin and I have set up this Go- Fund Me page to lessen the burden that my mom has carried in bringing this case to justice in the New York Surrogates County Court.

This case will have irreparable consequences that will affect the future generations of my family. It is important to legitimize my heirship rights while giving legitimacy to my Unborn Children.

Unfortunately, too often a High Percentage of African Americans have this consistent problem of being erased from their lineage. What the statistics don’t show is that the reason why our community is so diverse in hue from Caucasian to Ebony is that of Race mixing without responsibility has been a prevalent part of the American Fabric since colonization. Throughout American history, Men of power have always enjoyed the fruits of the under-represented classes because of their economic vulnerabilities, idealistic dreams of a better life and social helplessness to protect themselves.

It is my objective to place a Stop to this modern day covert practice of racism in today’s modern society.

My mother is a proud Creole African American women who have held down three jobs and an online clothing business while ensuring that I finish my University Studies. My journey is of a man (Austin) who never met his father (Micheal Morgan Taylor, Caucasian) due to cowardness. This behavior doesn’t compare to what happened to my mother 25 years ago when he breached her trust and abandoned her 3 months pregnant with me. After this, her heart was so broken she never had another baby for any man.

Although my life is not defined by what he has done, the strength perseverance and determination surely will. My mother has always provided: the Spiritual, Educational and Moral path to follow along the way.

My mother, on the other hand, has laid out a more detailed version of our journey through 8 court dates so far traveling from Houston to Beaumont to collect me from University then on to Manhattan (RT). The URL link is provided at the bottom of this page.

Our Priorities include the precise organization of Time, Finances and Pre – Paperwork Preparation to secure a date with the courts. Thank goodness during her tenure in New York, my mother has worked for a corporate litigation law firm as a Legal Secretary. Therefore we have handled this case Pro-Se thus far. May I say that the hours that she has worked alone, in this case, would have been at least a quarter of a million dollars in billable attorney fees. No Thank You!

The Objective of this Go Fund Me account is to finance the DNA Testing despite the objections by his surviving family members.
We have been granted 6 favorable judgments since 2015 when litigation concerning heirship of the estate commenced. The recent judgment of the courts, states that we designate a lab to handle the matter. the lab will then send an Affidavit to the courts and a Supeona will be issued to the New York Office Of Chief Medical Examiner to release a “Numeric Profile” and supporting paperwork to Alliance DNA, a highly respected lab recommended by top Family Law Attornies in Texas.

We have come 90% of the way but need your assistance in raising $25,000 to take the test and make it back to New York to start the discovery phase of the litigation process.

On behalf of my mother and I, we would like to Thank You for caring about a problem that weakens the American economy every day. It is taxpayers that pick up the tab when an absentee parent doesn’t pull their weight or even acknowledge that they have parental responsibilities.

By helping our cause, You will help to SET A PRECEDENCE in the New York Family Law Court System which resonates with every court throughout American.

All Expenditures will be accounted for and transparent.