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When Undeniable Cloning Reveals Generational Denial and Cover Up

It’s not how men like Micheal Morgan Taylor “Died” that the general public should be concerned about.  Its how he “Lived” and treated the women and children he most assuredly abandoned without remorse.

To Get In, then Getting Out and Move on Quickly, is the survival mentality of too many Wall Street success stories. But how does this translate into their personal lives?  Why do so many have high priced attornies on retainer who are paid to cover up their unethical lifestyles? If they are fortunate enough to have blind loyalty from their families, too often they get away with ethical murder and mayhem at the expense of others. How does one explain a Family that embraces the “Family Lie” and keep the ball of deceit rolling for Financial Gain even when the women and children are suffering?


Concerning the Estate of Micheal Morgan Taylor, a Wall Street High Yield Bonds Tradesmen for Cantor Fitzgerald who purposely AVOIDED paying child support or even contacting the mother from 1993. He even lied to family and friends that he set up two sessions to take the DNA test.

Under court testimony by the Fiduciary Mary Kaye Krenshaw, She admitted several damaging facts: 1) Micheal confided in her Husband, His best friend, and Parents that the lady he was living with, having an intimate relationship with claimed she was pregnant. 2) She also admitted that he claimed to deny any culpability for the pregnancy and the family collectively and conveniently choose to believe him. 3) She admitted that for years, she has been struggling with alcoholism and addiction. Witnesses in the courtroom at the time observed that she appeared to be physically weathered and incoherent in her clarity during the proceedings. 4) She was asked to give accountability of Harassment by the mother, she had no incident that justified this accusation.

She was then asked about the dates, times and names of the appointments in which the family believes the mother avoided taking the DNA tests allegedly set up by the decedent in 1993.

The fiduciary who has held a multimillion-dollar estate in the palm of her hand, could not verify nor estimate any account where the decedent had even attempted to make an appointment. She was further asked: “Do you always believe everything your brother tells you as fact or is it just convenient family loyalty?” What was also damaging was a three page written letter sent to the mother on behalf of the Beneficiaries that the Petitioners counsel held her accountable. This letter stated that there was no way that their beloved brother would have sex in the manner that would create a child between them. The underlining message was that a Caucasian male of his social standing, would not have sexual relations with a negro female but only allow oral sex to be performed for his pleasure only without a reciprocal commitment. This is the Mentality of the Family in these matters.


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A Single Letter that Tells it All  From the Taylor Beneficiaries with Malice

Upon Cross-examination of the mother, the Plaintiff’s attornies actually ask: “Didn’t Mr. Taylor wear a condom?” The Petitioners mother answered: “No, that’s why we have a son that is the direct resemblance of him. Didn’t you know that if the same species has continual relations together, they would reproduce?” The anxiousness and the need to marginalize their union of over eight years was palatable. The 25 years that the mother has had to endure with the truth hedging on who can afford the best attornies was unexcusably unbearable and frustrating. It’s the Principle and it’s the Law to pay for a child created within a consensual adult relationship regardless of race or religion. The Couple Dated for 8 years before the baby was conceived in their apartment on 56th Street in 1993. She was introduced to the parents and colleagues openly.


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A Happy Childhood traveling the World

The Media has never contacted the mother to get her reasoning & drive behind the lawsuit. They purposely mix unrelated events when mother and child lived successful lives in Europe (1996- 2011) with the events surrounding her tenure in New York with Micheal (Pre 1994)  This would surely confuse the general public who will not understand the real chain of events. Purposely utilizing “Lies through Omission” and “Exaggeration of the Facts” surrounding importable incidents in an attempt to further demonize the mother for seeking their rights under the law.  The Financial, Emotional fate that laid at the mother’s feet when the decedent abandoned her was inexcusable.


The term brings shrivers to most Americans minds and thoughts of Physical Violence and Drug Addiction or worse. In Texas, there are more African American Single Mothers incarcerated for non-violent non-drug related offenses than any other state. In the state of Texas, it is a privatized prison system which is listed on the NYSE  and the NASDAQ. Because of overcrowding, Many offenders don’t even go before a judge to explain their circumstances, their just a number in the system. A system that is severely flawed and capitalizes on the vulnerabilities of the underrepresented. Due to lack of legal representation of funding to protect their interests before the judge.

The women are also more likely to be over sentenced despite education and background. What the media is not telling the general public when they eagerly say the word “P” word is that The offense was initially only for furniture purchased to create a comfortable home. It was a debt for Star Furniture, 2 Lamps and Baby Furniture in 1994. The amount of was less than $5000 the court fees added another $5000 bringing it to $10.000. The checking account belonged to the mother but there was not enough money because she was struggling on her own with no support systems. She left the country to give her son a better chance than what she had growing up on an uneven playing field.

It was the best Decision of her Life!

Recently, the Secretary of State has issued a letter acknowledging the wrongful coding that escalated the offense and the error was corrected. But the psychological scars and discriminatory hell that the mother has been placed through still lingers in her mind. because there is always a box that one has to tick when applying for jobs, housing, and even relationships.


The Fabrications surrounding what is said in a United Kingdom tabloid Daily Mail by a Drunken and Dead Nigel Dempster totally lacks credibility. Plus its totally unrelated to the matter at hand which is legalizing the Paternity in the eyes of the law and thus the Estate. Nigel Dempster never had an interview with the mother. Max Clifford also deceased was immediately fired when he leaked to the press that the mother obtained her title surreptitiously.  This was also a fabrication to keep their names in the press at the expense of an innocent woman who was the First women to Captain the World Cup for England.

Taking into account the enormity of putting together a week-long Polo Tournament with over 8-10 teams competing for a prestigious award listed on the European Social Calendar. One must coordinate hiring Public Relations Teams in London, Spain, and France, Inviting VIP”s and Dignitaries, Organize which charities need representation for fundraising, venues, and numerous other responsibilities. The expenditures and the turnout of the people each year can vary according to the economy and trending popularity of the person hosting it and the event itself.

The family never handled any funds that went to the charities.  They gave their donations upfront to each of the charities along with media exposure and beautiful awards acknowledging their community standing. The family also shouldered the rental of the High Goal Polo Fields, the Salaries of the Professionals, the luncheon soiree pre-game and the Gala Event to Celebrate. Charity is an endeavor and is very competitive against other well-established socialites.

Basically, sometimes charities make money to bring about change and sometimes they lose money. It is not fair to slander a women’s name with well-placed lies and misconceptions.  Again this has nothing to do with the case but comes up with all the news articles for sensationalism and sales.




What the Taylor’s don’t want the public to know…

This case is about Conspiracy to Commit Fraud and Equal rights under the law. Micheal Morgan Taylor was the direct descendant of the Billionaire Brothers Frank W. Olin & Spencer who built a fortune providing ammunitions and weight Patents during WW1 & WW2. Today there are numerous Streets Libraries and Schools named after the family matriarch. The most prominent is the Olin Foundation and the Frank W. Olin School of Engineering. The family is deeply rooted in Psychology Research and development. Micheal was A High Yield bond Tradesmen generating millions monthly, not over the entirety of his career as the Probate Documents deceptively describe as fact.

Micheal was a successful Wall Street Broker for Morgan Stanley and Cantor Fitzgerald for more than 20 years. In the Letters of Administration, The Family “Perjured” themselves by hiding the true Value of the estate and stating that he had “NO” Children nor financial responsibilities pending. They were lying because they simply thought that they could get away with it and they didn’t give a damn who they hurt. They also excluded his Vineyard in Virginia, Properties and his inheritance from his parental lineage.

Its the Principle and it’s the Law to pay for a child created within a consensual adult relationship. Family Law statutes are set up to protect All Americans equally.


Most Africa Americans can only trace their histories back 3 to 4 generations because their ancestry was wiped from the record books. It can also be added that academic and social accomplishments of African Americans have also been marginalized. This was further exasperated by covert race mixing of masters and slaves throughout history, leaving the women to handle the financial burden without recourse. Today’s covert exclusion of lineage is evident in the estate of Micheal Morgan Taylor through supremacy, economics racism and greed. Austin and his Great Grand Children will not be cheated out of their lineage.


While dating Mr. Taylor, She was a Legal Secretary working for a prestigious Corporate Litigation Firm until her departure from New York to have the child in Houston, Texas in 1993.

She relocated with the child to England in 1996 and started Teaching at Watford University. She later resumed her love for horses and started a Polo team and excelled to play in major tournaments throughout England, France, Spain, and Switzerland.

She sent their son to private schools in Gstaad, Switzerland & Monte Carlo. Today he is on a 9/11 Scholarship in his final year. He will continue his graduate studies at Rice University in 2019.

 The objective of this article is to Combat the Lies, Deceptions, Greed, Racism and  Character Assassination of the parent left holding 100% of the responsibilities. On behalf of the Mother, we encourage the Public to be fair in their assessment of the facts and that a woman lost the father of her child and has waited 25 years to properly grieve.

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World Trade Center

White Supremacy and Injustice; the Art of Ruining a Life Over Baby Furniture.

Harry Gill, Investigative Reporter

“Knowing that your Brother never paid .01¢ for Child Support”

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It has been said, that one can survive in an oppressive society but cannot survive in an unjust society. The history reminds us how the injustice of any kind brought disaster in the society and finally caused a big revolution. The segregation of the whites and blacks in the 50s drowned in its own hate as it paved the way because of the most successful civil rights movement in American history to this date.

Austin was provided private a £40k per year private Swiss Education in Gstaad Switzerland from age 6.

America has come a long way from slavery to freedom, equality of the gender, but there are still some fragments of society today that are not only still stuck in the past but also refuse to acknowledge the basic human rights of individuals based on the color of their skin. The story of Gwendolyn Denise Phillips will make us see how some of white men are still unbothered by the injustice being inflicted on others.

Gwendolyn Denise Phillips fell in love with Michael Morgan Taylor and together they began a relationship that brought Gwendolyn her most precious moment, and that was the day she became the mother of Michael’s child Austin Rutherford Colby. Michael Morgan Taylor was a wall street trader for the Cantor Fitzgerald who was one of the victims of the 9/11 attacks that ended up taking his life. The tragedy that struck Gwendolyn at her core was how Michael left her and his child because the Gwendolyn was given a skin color that was different than his. Michael Morgan Taylor was hesitating to disclose the fact of his interracial relationship and biracial child. He left behind both Gwendolyn and Austin. He denied child support he legally has the right to.

But a mother’s heart is always beating for her children. So, Gwendolyn Phillips and her son Austin Rutherford Colby has been petitioning to the New York County Manhattan Surrogate’s Court for four long years for the establishment of right for Austin Rutherford Colby to claim inheritance on the estate of Michael Morgan Taylor the wall street trader and employee of Cantor Fitzgerald. The court documents state that Gwendolyn Denise Phillips and Austin Rutherford Colby’s claim that Michael Morgan Taylor is Austin’s biological father and because of that, Austin is the rightful owner of the inheritance of Michael Morgan is true. In spite of all this, court has not been successful to give the son his right of heirship. Michael neither paid even a single penny for the child support nor did his family ever sent him birthday wishes or Christmas gifts. Instead, the family is making hateful use of media to put forth racist propaganda against Gwendolyn Philips.

Rita Millia, the Judge of the Manhattan Surrogate’s Court established the order to carry out the release of bone fragments of Michael Morgan Taylor so that a DNA test can be conducted to conclude the paternity of Austin Rutherford Colby; the DNA has been matched 99.98% and accepted by the court. However, as with everything, this too came with its fair share of obstacles from Michael’s family. Michael’s sister Mary Kay Crenshaw claims both Gwendolyn Denise Phillips and her son Austin Rutherford Colby are stating invalid information in the court of law to garner Michael’s wealth that shows the fiduciary’s breach of duties and racist aspect of American judicial system against the minority women even if they are on right.  Mary Kay Crenshaw, states that the paternity case brought up by Gwendolyn Denise Phillips and Austin Rutherford Colby is ‘a further desecration’ of her brother’s remains and that this entire case is making her visit a ‘reopening of her emotional wounds’.

Michael Morgan Taylor, was 42 when he died in the 9/11 attacks that took place in the world trade center. Previously Michael reportedly had a child-support case pending against him. On Austin Colby’s birth certificate, the name of the father is also mentioned as Michael Morgan Taylor. It has been proved that Michael Morgan is biological father of Austin Colby. However, Mary Kay Crenshaw is very certain that Austin is not Michael’s son. She, however, does admit that Gwendolyn and Michael were in a relationship.

Misrepresentation of the Real Value of the state

 Gwendolyn Phillips wrote to Taylor’s parents that, ‘Don’t allow racial divide nor financial neglect and mistakes keep you from correcting a very serious wrong at the expense of your grandson.’ Gwendolyn is determined to get her son the right that he legally has over the inheritance of his father. The is 99.98%  matched  DNA test is a strong proof for the ownership of the estate of Michael Morgan Taylor but the state was deliberately broken up to minimize value to avoid the debts owed by the decedent.

Even, if the DNA test does turn out to be true. Austin Rutherford Colby will have to fulfill a legal requirement of showing that Michael Morgan Taylor openly and notoriously was seen or heard acknowledging the child as his own in his lifetime. According to Mary Kay Crenshaw’s lawyer, “the establishment of this legal requirement is unable to prove as there’s no such evidence of its happening and the court is supporting the family’s false claim.”  

So, the case has been in the FAVOR of Michael’s family and their false claims have worked well in a racist society and judicial system According to Westlaw research, The Open and Notorious Law was abolished more than ten years ago due to its bias allowing men like Michael to skip through the rings of Child Support. Taylor’s attorneys have manipulated the circumstances through lies in dates and pictures during unrelated events in another country

This case like many others of its kind highlights a deeper problem with American society today and that is racial injustice and white supremacy. Because of our own biases and prejudices, we deny people the right to exist, the right to love and finally the right to justice. We are confident that Judge Millia knowing that Michael Morgan Taylor lived as an Unremorseful “Cereal Lothario’ Lifestyle will make the appropriate judgment. 

This case represents what is truly behind the $120 Billion (and Growing ) Child support deficit in America, while Wealthy White Men’s estates are given to their Anglo Saxon family members leaving their true HEIR living in poverty.  Anyone who was raised by a single mother and witnessed firsthand her struggles can sympathize with the American Delimna of America’s dirty little secret of over $120 Billion in Uncollected Child support.?


When Undeniable Cloning Reveals Generational Denial and Cover Up

The American Dilemma

It’s not how men like Micheal Morgan Taylor “Died” that the general public should be concerned about.  Its how he “Lived” and treated the women and children he most assuredly abandoned without remorse.

To Get In, then Getting Out and Move on Quickly, is the survival mentality of too many Wall Street success stories. But how does this translate into their personal lives?  Why do so many have high priced attornies on retainer who are paid to cover up their unethical lifestyles? If they are fortunate enough to have blind loyalty from their families, too often they get away with ethical murder and mayhem at the expense of others. How does one explain a Family that embraces the “Family Lie” and keep the ball of deceit rolling for Financial Gain even when the women and children are suffering?


Concerning the Estate of Micheal Morgan Taylor, a Wall Street High Yield Bonds Tradesmen…

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