When Undeniable Cloning Reveals Generational Denial and Cover Up

The American Dilemma

It’s not how men like Micheal Morgan Taylor “Died” that the general public should be concerned about.  Its how he “Lived” and treated the women and children he most assuredly abandoned without remorse.

To Get In, then Getting Out and Move on Quickly, is the survival mentality of too many Wall Street success stories. But how does this translate into their personal lives?  Why do so many have high priced attornies on retainer who are paid to cover up their unethical lifestyles? If they are fortunate enough to have blind loyalty from their families, too often they get away with ethical murder and mayhem at the expense of others. How does one explain a Family that embraces the “Family Lie” and keep the ball of deceit rolling for Financial Gain even when the women and children are suffering?


Concerning the Estate of Micheal Morgan Taylor, a Wall Street High Yield Bonds Tradesmen…

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